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Heart and Vascular

Cardiac CT Scanner

You may already be familiar with conventional CT scanning. It's a technology that uses a computer to combine numerous X-ray images into one, providing doctors with detailed images for more accurate diagnoses.

Our new CT scanner goes several steps further by using advanced CT technology in combination with dye injected into the circulatory system. The resulting 3-D images allow doctors to visualize the heart and surrounding arteries in astounding detail.

The CT scanner at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital is called a 64-slice scanner. The term "slice" has nothing to do with cutting. Instead, it refers to the number of detectors used to create images. As a rule, the more detectors, the clearer the image. Therefore, 64-slice scanners offer the highest possible resolution.

Diagnostic imaging with our 64-slice CT scanner enables doctors to find plaque build-up in arteries at very early stages. That means clogged arteries can be identified and treated before they result in heart attack.

The CT scanning procedure is painless and takes just 10 to 15 minutes. The patient lies on a scanning table. An intravenous line (IV) is inserted into the arm. The scanning table moves through a round hole as the dye is injected through the IV and the images are created.

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