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Radiology Department Offers Latest Technology for HMHEB Patients

BEDFORD, Texas — Taking another step into the digital age, Harris Methodist HEB Hospital (HMHEB) recently began construction on a new 18,900 square-foot radiology department that will feature an all-digital and filmless imaging system.

The $5.2 million project is slated to be completed in December.

The Synapse Total Picture Archiving and Communication System takes images produced from multiple exam equipment such as CT scans, ultrasound, MRI or X-ray and sends the results in a digital format to a server, giving physicians the ability to read patient images from multiple terminals throughout the facility.

"With online viewing, physicians will have on-demand information access and be able to view their patient’s images from any nurse’s station in the hospital, increasing the overall efficiency of imaging services," said Chris Gaines, director of radiology at HMHEB.

Along with all-new equipment, an additional multi-slice CT scanner and third nuclear medicine unit will be added to the department, decreasing the wait time for scheduling exams and allowing HMHEB to do such advanced procedures as virtual colonoscopy.

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