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Men’s Health

Most men panic or get stressed when it’s time to visit the doctor. Men are more likely than women to experience serious medical problems that were once preventable because many do not get routine medical checkups. Men still believe they have to be strong, and many men perceive admitting to an illness and going to the doctor as a weakness.

For the few that do go to the doctor, many procrastinate until the circumstances are severe and they can no longer manage to ignore the pain. Men like to try and fix their own problems and going to the doctor makes them feel they do not have control over their lives. Furthermore, seeing the doctor is not the "macho" thing to do. Men are resistant to getting directions when they are lost and even more so on serious matters such as seeking medical attention.

This year alone, 30,200 men will lose their lives to prostate cancer, 445,000 men will die from heart disease, and 7500 men will be diagnosed with testicular cancer according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Overall, men in America live seven years less than women, and for all 15 leading causes of death men have higher death rates. Now more than ever, men need encouragement from their families and education on the importance of early detection of health problems.

In addition to Father’s Day, National Men’s Health Week is celebrated in June. Don’t allow your husband, father, son or brother to fall victim to these diseases. Encourage them to take charge of their health and schedule annual checkups with their doctors.

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