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Lawn Mower Safety

Fingers, hands, toes, feet and eyes can be lost as a result of lawnmower accidents. Each year, thousands of children and adults sustain injuries as a result of operating lawnmowers in an unsafe manner.

Parents need to be aware that children should not operate lawnmowers nor should they ever ride as a passenger on a riding lawnmower. It’s too easy for kids to fall off and sever a limb or for objects to fly into their eyes at high speeds. Any powerful equipment with blades should be off-limits.

Too often parents and grandparents take their kids on “fun” rides on these powerful machines without realizing the dangers involved.

The National Safe Kids Campaign offers the following tips to parents:

  • Keep children away from any work area in which any type of walk-behind, riding or hand-held outdoor power equipment is being used.
  • The best place for a child during the time that a piece of outdoor power equipment is being used is inside the house.
  • If any child enters a work area, immediately turn off any outdoor power equipment that is in use.
  • Do not allow a child to operate or play with any type of outdoor power equipment, even when it is not in use. Only allow responsible adults who are familiar with the outdoor power equipment to operate it.
  • Store the ignition keys to pieces of outdoor power equipment away from the piece of equipment itself when it is not in use.
  • Riding mowers should never carry passengers, especially children or tow trailers filled with children. 
  • Clear the work area of any objects such as twigs, stones and toys that could be picked up and thrown by lawn mower blades or other apparatus.
  • Always look down and behind for children before, and while, backing up.


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