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Recovery and Rehabilitation

Cardiac Rehabilitation

Cardiac rehabilitation at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas

After a surgery, a patient may be referred to cardiac rehabilitation program with access to physical therapists, nutritionists, exercise physiologists and fitness specialists, plus nurses, technicians and other personnel. Texas Health Dallas' cardiac rehab program has earned accreditation from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehab for building cardiac rehab programs that play a key role in recovery, quantity, and quality of life for patients.

These professionals will implement a multi-phase program that begins while the patient is still in the hospital and continues after he or she has gone home. The goal is to restore the patient to optimal capacity while making lifestyle changes that may prevent or minimize problems in the future. Cardiac rehabilitation sessions at Texas Health Dallas offer personalized exercise prescriptions, education, and lifestyle modification programs. Phases of this program also are available for people who have not had heart surgery or suffered a heart attack but have been diagnosed with atherosclerotic coronary disease, valvular heart disease, angina pectoris or shown to be at risk of a heart attack due to one or more factors.

Benefits include:

  • Improvement of exercise tolerance
  • Reduction of symptoms
  • Reduction of cholesterol levels
  • Reduction of cigarette smoking
  • Psychosocial improvement
  • Well-being and reduction of stress
  • Lowering of blood pressure

Insurance Coverage

Medicare and many other insurance companies can cover a large portion, if not all, of the costs of cardiac rehab for most heart problems. Insurance benefits will be verified before patients start the program. Ask your insurance company if a referral is necessary for coverage.

Outpatient Rehabilitation

After discharge, patients may choose to continue a maintenance program with a membership at Texas Health Finley Ewing Cardiovascular and Fitness Center. A maintenance program can be designed and discussed in further detail while in cardiac rehab. The outpatient rehab program includes education and continuous EKG-monitored exercise therapy conducted by an exercise physiologist while under the care of a medical staff physician, rehabilitation nurse and exercise staff.

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