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Driving out Depression

Grief, hormones or postpartum-related issues often trigger depression, a disorder that affects 20 percent of the female population according to the American Academy of Family Physicians. But there is hope. Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano has implemented a program to help women overcome depression.

The Seay Behavioral Health Center’s Program for Women was created to allow women with depression to heal with the help of supportive and compassionate medical professionals.

“The program is designed to help not only women who are suffering from depression, but also their families,” says Gayle Jensen-Savoie, Ph.D., director of Behavioral Health for Texas Health Plano. “We want to help them balance treatment requirements with their work, education and home-life schedules, and this program is a great outlet for addressing those issues.”

Through this program, women now have the opportunity to learn strategies to cope with depression and find ways to get their lives back on track.

“If left untreated, depression can have short- and long-term effects,” Jensen-Savoie says. “This program provides an opportunity for women to get the help they need through cognitive behavioral group therapy and patient and family education sessions. Our goal is to help women move past depression so they can enjoy their lives.”

For more information about Seay Behavorial Health Center’s Program for Women, call 972-981-8323 or visit (Spring 2009)

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