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Presbyterian Kaufman Has New Wound Care Facility

Wounds need adequate circulation for proper healing, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This blood flow provides oxygen to stimulate the growth of new cells. Patients who have diabetes, cardiovascular problems — such as poorly functioning veins — and pressure ulcers from lack of mobility may suffer from insufficient circulation.

New Wound Care Center
In April, Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman opened the new Wound Care Center to meet the needs of patients who have chronic, non-healing wounds, or those that do not improve after four to six weeks. The facility features advanced technology, including two hyperbaric oxygen chambers, and proven techniques for wound care.

“We created the new center to expand the care we provide for patients in the area,” says Joel Hendricks, M.D., medical director of the Wound Care Center at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman.

“There is a definite need for this service in our area, and we are happy to be able to meet the needs of our patients in a convenient location.”

The Process of Healing
To provide the most individualized care possible, the medical professionals at the Wound Care Center assess and evaluate patients to determine the best course of treatment, which may include antibiotic medication and debridement to remove damaged tissue. Patients are also educated about proper nutrition and disease management, as well as proper techniques for changing their bandages and preventing future injury.

Patients also may undergo therapy in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, which quickly delivers oxygen to the bloodstream, assisting in healing by stimulating the growth of new blood vessels and improving circulation. According to Hendricks, patients receive treatment daily for six weeks to achieve maximum results.

Patients who experience chronic wounds do not have to continue to suffer. The treatment options available at the new Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman Wound Care Center can provide relief and assist the healing process.

“This center is very beneficial and convenient for members of the community,” says Hendricks. “There is no other wound care center within a 45-minute drive, so those who cannot travel now have an option that is close to home.”

For more information about the services available at the Wound Care Center at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman, call 972-932-5506. (Summer 2008)

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