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Choosing a Therapy Center

When your doctor refers you for outpatient therapy services, you have a choice in the rehabilitation center you use. At Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Cleburne, patients are provided with a wide variety of comprehensive services.

A hospital-based therapy center, Rehabilitation Services at Texas Health Cleburne provides a full range of physical, occupational and speech therapy services, including specialty services focusing on women’s health, wound care and stroke rehabilitation.

“We take a comprehensive approach to care,” says Cindy Stepp-Gann, M.S., director of Rehabilitation Services at Texas Health Cleburne. “We offer the support and services of highly trained, certified therapists who often collaborate with a goal to provide the best possible outcomes for our patients.”

Physical, occupational or speech therapy can be the first step to regaining independence after a severe injury or illness. At Texas Health Cleburne, therapists work with patients to help them regain their independence so they can lead the most fulfilling lives possible.

Through a variety of exercises designed to strengthen and retrain muscles, physical therapists work with patients after sports injuries, orthopedic surgeries, strokes or neurological brain injuries.

Occupational therapists at Texas Health Cleburne work with patients of all ages, helping them develop motor and sensory skills. Occupational therapists also recommend special equipment that might make tasks more manageable, as well as changes in patients’
environments that might help them feel more independent in their homes.

Speech therapists work with patients who suffer from dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) or who have trouble speaking or pronouncing certain words, which interferes with learning and understanding the correct sounds. Therapeutic measures can greatly aid patients of all ages who suffer from these difficulties.

“Patients need to know they have a choice when it comes to selecting a rehabilitation program,” says Gann. “When your doctor recommends therapy services, consider Texas Health Cleburne, as we have all the services you may need
right here, close to home.” For more information about outpatient therapy services available
at Texas Health Cleburne, please call 817-556-4260.

Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Cleburne offers the following rehabilitation services:

Physical therapy

• low back injury rehabilitation

• postoperative orthopedic surgery rehabilitation

• sports injury rehabilitation

• stroke and brain injury rehabilitation

• women’s physical therapy services

• wound care

Occupational therapy

• hand therapy

• home management and safety training

• return-to-work programs

• stroke and brain injury rehabilitation

Speech therapy

• adult speech and language therapy

• cognitive retraining

• swallowing therapy

• voice retraining

(Summer 2010)

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