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Pulmonary Rehabilitation Enhances Patient’s Life

After receiving an arterial bypass on one leg, local resident Robert Johnson was not able to rebound as quickly as he expected due to some unforeseen problems. One setback included a wound that would not heal properly and required him to remain in bed for three to four weeks.

“Two months after surgery, I wasn’t breathing well and I was unable to walk without a walker,” Johnson says. “Two separate physicians recommended I attend cardiac and pulmonary rehabilitation. After two weeks of rehab at Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro, I started to feel better. I went twice a week while recovering from various ailments.

“I believe pulmonary rehab, combined with cardiac rehab, really helped. My breathing ability improved, and I do all my exercises at home,” he explains. “I was even able to use the breathing exercises when I recently suffered through a cold. Knowing what to do and how to do it, really makes a difference when you’re having trouble breathing. It’s great to know that help is close by when I need it.”

Connie Payne, director of cardiopulmonary services at Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro, suggests that people having trouble breathing contact their physicians to see if pulmonary rehabilitation is right for them.

“We can help a lot of people with our services,” Payne says. “It’s amazing the increased quality of life some of our patients see.”

Johnson agrees. Keeping up with his grandchildren is a bit easier now that he is able to walk around for longer periods of time.

For more information about cardio-pulmonary services available at Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro, call (903) 342-3994 or visit (Summer 2008)

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