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Looking Your Best After Breast Cancer

Advances in reconstructive breast surgery are helping patients restore their bust line while
minimizing the risk of breast cancer’s return.

If breast cancer requires surgery to eradicate the disease, physicians at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton can provide options for reconstructive breast surgery. Having a plan for breast reconstruction prior to surgery and follow-up cancer treatment allows surgeons to coordinate incision location and plan treatments that will optimize results and decrease the number of subsequent procedures.

“For patients who will not be receiving radiation therapy, we like to perform reconstructive surgery immediately,” says Bruce Hermann, M.D., plastic and reconstructive surgeon on the medical staff at Texas Health Denton. “Immediate reconstruction not only is better psychologically for the patient, but it also reduces the number of surgeries, which is safer for the patient, and provides excellent final results.”

Dr. Hermann is fellowship-trained in both plastic surgery and reconstructive/cosmetic breast surgery and offers three approaches to breast reconstruction:

1. Inserting a tissue expander followed by a permanent implant

2. Moving tissue from the belly or buttocks to reconstruct the breast

3. Rotating tissue from the back and inserting an implant underneath

“While a combined approach of tissue and implant produces the best cosmetic results, each
breast cancer patient should choose the option that is best for her individual circumstances,”
Dr. Hermann says. “A consultation with a plastic surgeon can help a breast cancer patient
make an informed decision about the right reconstructive procedure.”

To schedule an appointment with a reconstructive breast surgeon at Texas Health Denton, call 1-877-THR-WELL (1-877-847-9355).

(Fall/Winter 2010)

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