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A Heart-Smart Fast Food Fix

You don’t have to ban restaurants from your life to have a heart-healthy diet. A healthy diet is less about where you eat and more about making the right choices.

Heart-healthy dining should be about more than counting calories and fat grams. According to the American Heart Association, healthy adults should consume no more than 1,500 milligrams of sodium per day. Aim for entrees with fewer than 750 milligrams and appetizers or sides with fewer than 250 milligrams.

Use this chart to help you make sodium-smart decisions when visiting the following popular fast food favorites.

When you’re dining at… Eat this… Not that!

McDonald’s® Six-piece Chicken McNuggets® (sodium: 600 mg) Double cheeseburger (sodium: 1,150 mg)

Subway® Subway Club® salad (sodium: 640 mg) Foot-long Subway Club® (sodium: 1,770 mg)

Taco Bell® Fresco chicken soft taco (sodium: 480 mg) Volcano Burrito (sodium: 1,660 mg)

Sonic® Small tater tots (sodium: 270 mg) Five mozzarella sticks (sodium: 1,050 mg)

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