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Join the Fight Against Breast Cancer

As mammography rates decline nationwide, don’t become part of this alarming trend. Monitor your breast health with an annual mammogram at Harris Methodist Erath County Hospital.

The American Cancer Society (ACS) maintains regular mammography is one of the best tools for detecting breast cancer early when it is most treatable.

The number of women receiving regular mammograms grew between 1987 and 2000, showing the message of early detection was getting through. However, a new study by the National Cancer Institute has found the number of women getting mammograms have leveled off and are now in decline nationwide.

Mammography rates for women dropped to 66 percent in 2005, down from a high of 70 percent in 2000.

Better Mammograms

The Radiology Department at Harris Methodist Erath County Hospital has the technology and medical staff to help women keep tabs on their breast health.

“We are one of a few programs who offer computer-aided detection, which provides a detailed second ‘read’ by a computer,” says Nanette Evans, M.D., radiologist at Harris Methodist Erath County Hospital. “This recheck points out areas of concern for follow-up, improving our radiologists’ sensitivity and specificity.”

Women of average risk for breast cancer should have mammograms yearly starting at age 40. If your mother was diagnosed with breast cancer at age 49 or younger, you should start mammograms 10 years younger than your mother at diagnosis, according to Evans.

Long-Term Success

After the mammogram, referring physicians receive a results report, and each woman receives a letter explaining the results of her exam. Yearly reminders also help women remember to schedule their next mammogram.

“The exam takes less than 30 minutes to complete with your breast in compression for only 20 seconds per image,” says Cheryl Hatton, director of Radiology at Harris Methodist Erath
County Hospital. “We are accredited through the state of Texas and received a perfect rating at our last inspection. Trust our team of registered mammographers to provide quality results.”

Take advantage of discounted mammograms during Breast Cancer Awareness Month
this October. For more information or to schedule a mammogram, call 254-965-1236.

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