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How to Have a Happy (and Healthy) Holiday

From Halloween treats to Thanksgiving Day pumpkin pie, fattening temptations can make
staying at a healthy weight during the holidays a challenge.

Follow these simple tips from Laurie McGuyer, L.D., registered dietitian at Harris Methodist Erath County Hospital, to enjoy the season and maintain your waistline.

1. Change your focus. Instead of giving all your attention to the buffet table, savor time with your family and friends.

2. Go healthy. During the holiday season, offer to bring a favorite low-calorie, low-fat dish to the party.

“Take along a food that tastes good but also is healthy for you,” says McGuyer. “That way there is at least one nutritious option available for those trying to eat healthy.”

3. Fill ’er up — your stomach, that is. Avoid going to a party with an empty stomach. Before leaving your house, snack on a low fat healthy snack, such as yogurt, half a sandwich or a glass of milk.

4. Stick to a schedule. Don’t leave your usual exercise and eating habits behind during the holidays. Continue a regular exercise program and try to preplan meals.

“Plan ahead, because you are always busier during the holidays,” says McGuyer. “When your schedule is tight, you tend to eat out more, so prepare several meals in advance to heat and serve.”

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