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Take Care of Yourself After Surgery

Leaving the hospital after surgery is a big step toward wellness. Speed your recovery by keeping these things in mind once you arrive home.

Following surgery, your surgeon will give you a list of special instructions to help you mend. Don’t be timid about asking questions, especially if you do not understand instructions
concerning wound care or drainage. The information you receive will include a phone number to call if you experience a problem with your incision.

“Keep an eye on your surgical site for any signs of infection,” says Joel R. Hendricks, M.D., general surgeon on the medical staff at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman. “Slight swelling
and redness at the incision site is normal, but we need to see you if you’re experiencing a fever or increased pain or drainage.”

Physicians typically prescribe antibiotics to patients following surgery to prevent infection at the surgical site.

Be sure to take the full dose of this medication as prescribed.

The surgeon also will schedule a follow-up appointment with you after surgery. At this time, he or she will check the incision site, evaluate your healing progress and allow you to discuss how you are feeling.

For information about surgical services offered at Presbyterian Hospital of Kaufman,
call 1-800-4-Presby (1-800-477-3729).

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