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A Leader in Spine Care

As a leader in orthopedic services, Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano is expanding its expertise with a new Scoliosis & Spine Tumor Center to provide specialized care for scoliosis and other conditions of the spine for teens and adults.

Scoliosis is a condition that affects 2 percent of the population, according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. People with scoliosis have side-to-side spinal curves that alter their spines into S- or C-shapes, causing altered posture and pain.

Physicians can diagnose scoliosis in adults and children as young as 10 by learning the patient’s medical history, conducting physical examinations, taking X-rays and measuring the curve of the spine. Based on the diagnosis, treatment may include:

• observation for patients whose curves are less than 25 degrees

• bracing for patients who are still growing

• surgery to correct or stop spinal curves from worsening

“Whenever possible, we offer conservative treatment methods for patients, such as lifestyle coaching and exercise programs,” says Isador Lieberman, M.D., fellowship trained orthopedic and spinal surgeon and medical director of the Scoliosis & Spine Tumor Center at Texas Health Plano. “Although surgical options are available, we
treat patients comprehensively and explore alternative avenues of treatment before considering surgery.”

To offer patients the quickest recovery with the least amount of pain, Dr. Lieberman performs the most appropriate, least invasive procedure necessary based on each patient’s diagnosis.

“Patients with idiopathic scoliosis have a number of surgical treatment options, including fusions and spinal implants,” Dr. Lieberman says. “The Scoliosis & Spine Tumor Center offers minimally invasive surgical techniques to treat patients with scoliosis, lumbar degenerative disorders, herniated discs and vertebral compression fractures.”

For more information about the Scoliosis & Spine Tumor Center at Texas Health Plano or for a free Healthy Spine Kit, visit or call 1-877-500-5454. (Summer 2010)

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