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Debunking Diabetes Myths

Many myths continue to circulate about insulin and Type 2 diabetes. Read on for some of the most common misconceptions.

Myth: Insulin will make me gain weight.

Truth: Insulin therapy may cause weight gain initially because the insulin is helping turn calories into energy, and the calories you were losing before are being absorbed. With a balanced diet and exercise, however, the weight typically comes back off.

Myth: If I take insulin now, I will take it the rest of my life.

Truth: For those with Type 2 diabetes, insulin doesn’t necessarily have to be used permanently.

“When people first hear they have to be on insulin, they often feel like their lives are over,” says Beth Baltazar, B.S.N., R.N., inpatient diabetes educator of the Diabetes Center at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas. “There are times during hospital stays or
illnesses when insulin is the best fit for that time period. However, it is not necessarily a permanent medication change for all patients.”

Myth: I can’t control my diabetes.

Truth: While you can’t control having diabetes, you can make the choice to better manage the disease.

“Change is not easy, but we offer comprehensive courses to teach patients how to manage the lifestyle that comes with diabetes,” says
Baltazar. “Our patients experience high success rates.”

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(Summer 2011)

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