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A Second Chance at Life

When a woman gives birth, a new life is brought into the world, but there’s also a chance for another life to benefit in the process.

Cord blood is usually discarded after birth, but at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Allen, women have the option to donate their cord blood to the Texas Cord Blood Bank.

Cord blood is rich in blood-making cells, which can be used in the treatment of cancers such as leukemia and lymphoma, as well as sickle cell anemia and other immune system disorders.

“The more women who choose to donate, the more people we can help,” says Tanda Allen, R.N., cord blood coordinator at Texas Health Allen. “Ethnicity plays a huge role in finding genetic matches, so having diversity within the blood bank allows us to provide care for a greater number of patients.”

When women come to deliver at the Family Birthplace, they can opt to go through a brief questionnaire similar to the one used for blood donation. After the birth, the physician will drain the cord blood, which is sent to the Texas Cord Blood Bank in San Antonio. Allen says many women have the misconception that cord blood donation is expensive, but public donation is free. If your donation isn’t used and your child needs a transplant down the road, it can be traced in the bank for his or her use.

For more information about cord blood bank donation at Texas Health Allen, call the Family Birthplace at 972-747-6244.

Fall/Winter 2011

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