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Busting Beauty Myths

Your mother always said eating too much chocolate would make you break out. Is it true? Stephen Maberry, M.D., dermatologist on the medical staff at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth, tackles tough beauty questions.

Does what I eat affect my skin?

Dr. Maberry: Research has shown that a diet high in simple sugars rather than complex carbohydrates can be associated with acne breakouts. Consuming enough vitamin C — the nutrient that helps your body grow and repair tissue — is an important part of dietary health. In addition to helping wounds heal, vitamin C is an antioxidant and can also reduce the risk of sunburn.

Does “beauty sleep” exist?

Dr. Maberry: Beauty sleep does exist! Sleep deprivation can increase the production of inflammatory cytokines and glucocorticoids, which can cause breakouts and the degeneration of collagen, which protects your skin from wrinkles.

Can makeup and other beauty products transmit germs?

Dr. Maberry: Absolutely. Sharing makeup can expose you to cold sores, staph infections and other health concerns. Remember to throw out your own makeup after it has reached the end of its shelf life and clean your brushes and applicators regularly to reduce the chance of bacterial buildup.

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(Spring 2012)

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