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'The Business of Health Care Report'

What Meaningful Use Means to Regina Holliday

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I’m Doug Hawthorne, CEO of Texas Health Resources, with “The Business of Health Care Report.”

Perhaps no one speaks with more conviction about meaningful use of health IT than Regina Holliday, a Washington, D.C. artist who lost her husband Fred to kidney cancer in 2009. Their compelling story highlights why Texas Health is investing so much in making health information accessible, comprehensive and secure.

For months leading up to his diagnosis, Fred Holliday visited his physician’s office and the ER multiple times with severe pain. He was given medications, but no diagnosis. In late March 2009, his oncologist told him he had masses in his kidney. The next day, the oncologist left for an extended trip, and Fred and his family were left with unanswered questions.

During the next month despite Fred’s continuous hospitalization, Regina’s repeated requests for Fred’s medical record led nowhere. With little information about his condition or treatment options, she felt helpless to guide him through this agonizing time.

Regina eventually received a copy of Fred’s record and used it to guide his care for the last 56 days of his life. And since his death, she has dedicated her life to sharing his story in hopes it will bring positive change. Ready access to health information not only saves lives, it can help us provide better care to those we cannot cure.

Thank you, Regina.

For Texas Health Resources and its faith-based family of hospitals, Texas Health Presbyterian, Texas Health Harris Methodist, and Texas Health Arlington Memorial, I’m Doug Hawthorne.

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