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How Specific Does ICD-10 Get?

One of the goals in transitioning to ICD-10 codes is to provide more specificity in diagnosis and procedure codes. Just how specific can those codes be?

  • For those football fans out there, have you ever been struck by a football at the game? If so, the code would be W21.01XA – Struck by football; initial encounter.
  • My daughter was complaining of both her thumbs hurting. After a visit to her physician, several X-rays later, it was determined that she had S56.011A (strain of flexor muscle, fascia and tendon of right thumb at forearm level, initial encounter), and S56.012A (strain of flexor muscle, fascia and tendon of left thumb at forearm level, initial encounter). What was she doing to cause all of this? Y93.C2 (Activity, hand held interactive electronic device) – or better known as texting on her cell phone.
  • Hopefully you made it through Shark Week without any harm.  Just in case you had some patients who didn’t, here are some ICD-10 codes to keep in your back pocket…
    • W56.41 Bitten by Shark
    • W56.42 Struck by Shark
    • W56.49 Other Contact with Shark
    • V93.35 Fell out of Kayak while Looking for Sharks
    • V93.C2 Injured while Texting Friend about Shark Week