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Disease or Condition   Heart / Cardiac Arrest
Title   Registry to collect EMS-based data with cardiac arrest patients (Heart / Cardiac Arrest)
Description   The ROC Registry will collate high-quality comprehensive EMS-based data using uniform standardized criteria to describe structure, process and outcome for consecutive cases of cardiac arrest and injury in the 11 diverse consortium sites providing a cross-sectional view of clinical and demographic characteristics of resuscitation in greater detail than could be obtained by single-center studies or national health statistics.
IRB Number   Pro285
Inclusion/Notes   INCLUSION:
  • There will be no age-based eligibility criteria because:
    a) serious injury in infants or children is a particularly devastating public health problem with many potential life-years lost.
    b) cardiac arrest has devastating consequences in children even though it is less common than in adults.
    c) pediatric injury and cardiac arrest have been greatly under researched.
    d) children incurring serious injuries or cardiac arrest may be more amenable to new therapies than adults, and
    e) there is minimal risk associated with the study.

  • Pregnant women and prisoners will be included where permitted by local IRBs because:
    a) there is no scientific justification for excluding these patients,
    b) they represent a unique population rarely studied in resuscitation studies, and
    c) there is minimal risk associated with the study.

  • Sudden Cardiac Arrest.

  • Included will be all individuals who experience cardiac arrest outside the hospital, are evaluated by organized EMS personnel and:  
    a) receive attempts at external defibrillation (by lay responders or emergency personnel), or receive chest compressions by organized EMS personnel; or
    b) are pulseless but do not receive attempts to defibrillate or CPR by EMS personnel. This group will include patients with do not attempt resuscitation directive signed and dated by a physician, extensive history of terminal illness or intractable disease, or request from the patient’s family.

  • Trauma.

  • Included will be individuals of any age who experience injury outside hospital who are evaluated by organized EMS personnel and have any of:
    a) abnormal vital signs.
    b) intubation in the field, or
    c) died in the field (Table 2) Table 2: Trauma Inclusion Criteria Based Upon Impaired Physiology in the Field.

  • Systolic blood pressure < 90 mmHg.

  • Respiratory rate < 10 or >29.

  • Glasgow Coma Scale score = 12 Intubated in field.

  • Died in field.

  • N/A
Status   Recruiting
Location   Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas
Contact Name   Dixie Climer at

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