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Disease or Condition   OB/GYN
Title   Ethnicity, Hot Flashes, and Hypertension (OB/GYN)
Description   The purpose of this research study is to determine whether hot flashes have an effect on blood pressure and heart health in African American, Caucasian, and Hispanic women.
IRB Number   Pro2923
Inclusion/Notes   INCLUSION:
  • Women must be aged 45 to 65 years old.

  • Postmenopausal due to either natural or surgical menopause.

  • Either experiencing 5 or more hot flashes per 24 hours or never had hot flashes.

  • Only White, African American, and Hispanic women will be included as self-reported by the women.

  • Men and children do not experience menopause and will be excluded.

  • Women younger than 45 years of age and older than 65 years of age will be excluded.

  • Women over the age of 65 may not experience accurate recall concerning menopause specifics, and frequently already have some degree of expected heart disease.

  • Women that are not in the target ethnicity groups (White, African American, Hispanic) will be excluded.

  • We are not including other races/ethnicities because the previous study to which this is related compared the included races/ethnicities.

  • Women with less than 5 hot flashes per day will be excluded unless they have never experienced hot flashes.

  • Women currently using estrogen or other ovarian hormones; and women who have used estrogen or other ovarian hormones during the six months prior to enrollment in the study will be excluded.
  • Perimenopausal women will be excluded.

  • Pregnant women will be excluded. Women with a personal history of cancer will be excluded.

  • Women with a history of more than 3 CT scans will also be excluded.

  • Women who weigh 450 lbs or more will be excluded as the CT scanner is only able to accommodate weights of up to 450 lbs.

  • Women with a history of prior heart surgery which may prevent adequate CT scan imaging will be excluded.
Status   Completed
Location   Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth
Principal Name    Ralph Joseph Anderson MD
Contact Name   Kimberly Brown
Phone   (817) 735-2694

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