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Wound Care

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For most people, all it takes to heal a wound is antibiotic ointment and an adhesive bandage. However, if your wound isn't healing as it should, the Wound Care Program at Texas Health Resources may offer options for your care. Medical staff physicians practicing at the Wound Care Program provide care and education for patients with chronic and non-healing wounds.

According to the American Academy of Wound Management, non-healing wounds are often the result of poor blood flow to the site of the injury, which could be the result of any number of health problems such as diabetes or poor circulation. Non-healing wounds also occur in pressure sores and traumatic wounds. Medical staff physicians practicing at the Wound Care Program have experience working with wounds that have resisted healing after months and sometimes years of traditional care.

  • Treatment Options: A variety of options are available, depending on type and severity of a wound.
  • Dedicated Professionals: The physician's treatment plan will be supported by a team of health care professionals who are trained in chronic wound care management. Health care professionals are also available to assist patients with supplies and services needed to heal their wounds.

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