Three Texas Health Hospitals Offer $99 Advanced 3D Mammography

ARLINGTON, Texas — Patients visiting Texas Health Resources hospitals in Plano, Dallas, or Fort Worth can now add an advanced breast imaging technology — 3D mammography — to a traditional digital mammogram for $99.

New 3D mammography is improving the way doctors screen for potential breast cancers. Women screened with 3D mammography, called breast tomosynthesis, have shown a 47 percent increase in cancer detection compared to 2D mammography alone, according to a recent study presented at the Radiological Society of North America conference.

“A few years ago, digital mammography was the latest and greatest,” said Dr. Robin Skrine, medical director of the breast health program at Texas Health Fort Worth. “We thought those images were really clear and gave us a lot of information. The images we get from 3D mammography go far beyond that.”

Standard mammography is a two-dimensional X-ray of the breast, relying on the contrast of tumors and adjacent normal breast tissue. In women with dense breast tissue, deadly tumors can hide in the shadows of overlapping tissue. The 3D technology takes pictures of the breast in layers, generating 15 discrete images of the breast from different angles. The computer system uses these images to create a tomogram, showing the tissue as three-dimensional layers.

According to Skrine, benefits of 3D mammography include:

  • Clearer view through dense breast tissue in order to locate cancers deep inside the breast;
  • Better accuracy in determining size, shape and location of abnormalities;
  • Improved ability to distinguish harmless abnormalities from real tumors, leading to fewer callbacks and less anxiety for women; and
  • Earlier detection, since thin layers of tissue are shown separately and suspicious lesions from traditional flat images can be ruled out as benign.

“We are proud to offer the three-dimensional technology to women across North Texas and believe it is a tool that will help us improve outcomes for women,” said Shannon Gutierrez, manager of the Sue A. de Mille Women’s Diagnostic Center at Texas Health Plano. “Mammograms have been proven to save lives and this advanced technology increases the odds that we’ll find cancer earlier in women with dense breast tissue.”

A written order from a doctor is not required for traditional digital or 3D screening mammograms. The $99 fee for a 3D mammogram is in addition to any fees or co-pays associated with a traditional digital mammogram. Both mammograms may be covered by insurance. Patients should check with their insurance provider for exact insurance coverage.

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