Texas Health Fort Worth Earns Prestigious Neurodiagnostics Accreditation

FORT WORTH, Texas — The neurodiagnostics lab at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth earned a prestigious quality distinction for real-time monitoring of a patient’s neurological status during spinal, nerve, and brain surgeries.

Sixteen health care facilities nationwide — including only Texas Health Fort Worth and Houston Orthopedic Surgical Hospital in Texas — hold accreditation as a National Lab for Neurophysiologic Intraoperative Monitoring from the American Board of Registration of Electroencephalographic and Evoked Potential Technologists. Accreditation means the board determined intraoperative monitoring at Texas Health Fort Worth complies with strict national guidelines for quality care and patient safety.

“We’re proud to be among the top facilities in the country meeting the standards for safe, quality patient care in neurodiagnostics,” said Lillie Biggins, hospital president.

When a patient undergoes neurosurgery at Texas Health Fort Worth, a specially-trained neurologist on the medical staff and an intra-operative neurodiagnostics technician monitor his or her nervous system for changes that could lead to complications including paralysis, hearing or vision loss, or stroke. Real-time monitoring helps identify potential risk of injury to the brain.

Probes are placed on the patient at nerve locations where nerve impulses from the brain flow to different areas of the body — a muscle, a joint, a bone, or a structure such as an eye. This allows the surgeon to have data on the location of tumors, lesions or compressions. While the surgeon is operating, the technician and neurologist are stimulating these impulse routes and monitoring responses, comparing the results to the patient’s normal responses measured beforehand.

“The brain and spinal cord are very critical structures,” said Dr. Vinit Mehrotra, neurologist on the medical staff and medical director of the stroke program at Texas Health Fort Worth. “Neuromonitoring helps protect these structures during surgery by picking up on warning signs early so that surgeons can take preventive action. Surgeries tend to be more successful and quality of care is improved.”

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