Brothers Care for Generations of PHW Families

WINNSBORO, Texas –  For family practitioners Warren Murley, M.D. and David Murley, M.D., physicians on the medical staff at Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro, keeping the emphasis on family in their practices is easy. These brothers have been in practice together for 42 years and have treated generations of families in Winnsboro.

"My favorite thing about practicing in Winnsboro is the people," said David. "I have seen two to three generations of people. I have delivered their children and then delivered their children’s children."

Being family themselves has helped these physicians strengthen their practice. "We trust each other and can read each other’s minds," said older brother Warren.

Detour to Winnsboro
Warren and David were born in Crane County and raised in Fannin County by parents who were teachers. Warren was inspired by a local physician to enter the medical field. "From the time I knew people worked to make a living, I knew I wanted to be a doctor," he said. "I was sickly as a child, and there was a local physician who really made a big impression on me."

Warren received his medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas. He also completed an internship and one year of residency at Methodist Hospital of Dallas. David, originally interested in dentistry, found medicine more interesting and received his medical degree from the University of Tennessee. He also completed an internship and one year of residency at Methodist Hospital of Dallas.

Both general practitioners, the brothers decided to open their practice together in Winnsboro in 1961. Originally the brothers had considered Tyler as a possible location for their practice. "At that time, Tyler really didn’t have any opening for general practitioners," said Warren. A fellow Air Force officer’s wife recommended that Warren and his brother consider Winnsboro. "When I got ready to go into practice, I wanted to bring my children up in a rural setting, like I was," said Warren.

Patients and Friends
Through the years, the Murleys have developed close relationships with their patients and co-workers. "So many of my patients are also good friends," said Warren.

Ruth Wallis, Warren’s second patient 42 years ago, appreciates their relationship. "Dr. Murley knows all about me," she said. "He knows all of my medical history and has seen me through surgeries and having a baby."

Bobby Taylor has worked in the Murleys’ office since they opened their practice in 1961. She started as an office nurse assisting both brothers. As the practice expanded, they added another nurse and Bobby began working with Warren as his office nurse and assistant. "She has been wonderful to work with all these years and she is just like family," Warren said.

"I come to work to be with my friends," she said. "We have a lot of fun here. Sometimes it’s like a homecoming when we see patients we haven’t seen in a long time."

As family practitioners, the physicians care for patients with a wide variety of injuries and conditions, including heart disease, malignancies, arthritis and hypertension.

On the medical staff at Presbyterian Hospital of Winnsboro, the physicians appreciate that the hospital has a number of specialists on staff. "We now have more specialists that we can refer to, which I like because I want my patients to get the best possible care," said Warren.

The brothers also appreciate the hospital’s staff. "I enjoy the small staff, where I know everyone, and I know their families," said David.

Both physicians have had their share of unique cases over the years. David recalls the time a patient arrived with his ear bitten off during a fight. "I had to send someone to find it so I could sew it back on," he said.

Warren remembers when people began moving to Winnsboro and buying what they considered ranches, which amounted to anything over two acres. "This was great for my practice because the very next thing they purchased, after purchasing their ‘ranch,’ was a chainsaw," he said. "I treated a lot of people as a result of that.

Committed to Caring
Their love for the profession and relationships with their patients keep David and Warren motivated in their work. Neither have had a closed practice in their 42 years as physicians, and both are still accepting new patients.

"I will practice as long as I can, or until I win the lottery," said David.

Warren said, "I love what I do and look forward to going to work everyday. I hope the last day of my life I spend practicing medicine."