Sports Helmets Essential For Safety

A shiny new bicycle or skateboard under the Christmas tree should come with accessories to provide a safe ride for youngsters.

Sports helmets are essential for keeping young riders safe. Wearing a sports helmet can help reduce the risk of brain injury by as much as 88 percent and reduces the risk of injury to the face by 65 percent.

Many children do not wear helmets because it is not fashionable, it’s too hot or their parents do not require it.

These tips can help reduce the chances of having a bike or skateboard-related injury:

  • Always wear a helmet for every ride, no matter how short. Adults should wear a helmet for safety and to be a role model.
  • Talk with your children about why they do not want to wear a helmet, if needed.
  • Buy a helmet that meets national safety standards and is the right size.
  • Position the helmet on the top of the head so that it is leveled, not tilted back.
  • Adjust the straps for a snug and comfortable fit. Teach children to keep the helmet straps buckled when riding.
  • Always follow the rules of the road. Ride on the right side with traffic. Obey traffic signs and signals. Stop at all intersections, even if not marked. Wear reflective clothing when riding or skating at night.
  • Sports helmets are designed for use while riding or skating and not for use on playground equipment.