Harris Methodist H•E•B Opens New Cardiac Unit

BEDFORD, Texas — Harris Methodist H•E•B Hospital (HMHEB) is ringing in the New Year with a new cardiac care unit dedicated exclusively to the health-care needs of cardiac patients.

The 16,000 square-foot unit opened its doors to patients in January. The 23 private patient rooms enhances the hospital’s cardiac care services and increases capacity of general care patients.

"This new dedicated cardiology unit helps concentrate resources, nursing staff and the equipment specific to the cardiology patient," Jack McCabe, president of HMHEB, said.

In the past, cardiac patients have been placed throughout the hospital. With the new unit located on the same floor and in close proximity to two cardiac catheterization laboratories and the critical care unit, the consolidation will mean greater ease for patients, physicians and nurses.

"With all cardiac patients located on one unit, our physicians and nurses will be able to collaborate more effectively as they are able to focus on one specialization," Jerry Harrison, HMHEB director of Critical Care, said.

The need for a dedicated cardiac unit is evident in the steadily increasing number of cardiac inpatients HMHEB has treated during the past several years. Since 1999, the hospital has experienced a 25 percent increase in the demand for cardiac care.

"Given the changing demographics and an aging population, we expect that demand to continue to increase," McCabe said.

New, more advanced monitoring equipment will enhance care and the time in which clinicians can respond to a patient in distress. The StatView Alarm Notification System will enable nurses to closely monitor their patient from anywhere in the unit. StatView is a wireless system that transmits timely patient status information to nurses carrying pager-style graphic receivers as they work throughout the unit. The system connects to the hospital’s existing patient monitoring networks to collect data and relay alarm information, vital signs and ECG waveforms, putting vital information right at the nurse’s fingertips.

The cardiac care unit will also lead the transition to the use of new monitors designed to move with the patient throughout the hospital. With this system, there is no need to change monitors and cables every time a patient is moved, increasing the time clinicians can spend with their patients. The monitors also help reduce the stress put on a critical patient during transport preparation.

"Harris Methodist H•E•B Hospital has always been the health-care leader in Northeast Tarrant County," McCabe said. "This dedicated cardiology unit significantly raises the standard of care and will help HMHEB continue the tradition and commitment to improve the health of the people in the communities we serve."