THR Begins Annual Food Drive

ARLINGTON – For the sixth year in a row, employees of Texas Health Resources and its 13-hospital health care system are expected to donate thousands of nonperishable food items to benefit local charities.

The annual event runs Aug. 17 to 31 throughout the Texas Health Resources system. A systemwide goal of 163,864 food items has been set – a 35 percent increase from last year’s total of 121,381 items collected.

Each of the system’s 13 hospitals has established its own food drive goal and beneficiary of the food.

"Texas Health Resources is committed to improving the health of the communities it serves," said Marcy Graves, director of cardiopulmonary neurodiagnostics at Harris Methodist Southwest Hospital in Fort Worth and chair of the system food drive. "And, because hH"HHHHsksksldkljljklskunger affects the health of many adults and children in North Texas, the annual food drive is a logical extension of THR’s community service."

Last year, Texas Health Resources employees donated food to 25 social service agencies and food pantries throughout North Texas

About Texas Health Resources

Arlington-based Texas Health Resources is one of the largest faith-based, nonprofit health care delivery systems in the United States. The 13-hospital system includes the Harris Methodist, Presbyterian and Arlington Memorial hospitals of North Texas.


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