THR Unveils New 10-Year Strategic Focus to Transform Delivery of Health Care in North Texas

ARLINGTON, Texas – Texas Health Resources (THR) took the first steps today to unveil its new 10-year strategic focus, a decade-long plan designed to transform the delivery of health care in North Texas.

Doug Hawthorne, CEO of THR, announced system-wide organizational changes saying, “THR is about to mark its tenth anniversary as a consolidated system of faith-based, nonprofit hospitals. We have accomplished much in our first decade together, striving to improve the health of the people in the communities we serve. Starting our second decade, we are rethinking health care delivery at all levels to build a collaborative, accountable model that can evolve to meet the challenges of the future and deliver care in settings consumers embrace. Our new 10-year strategic focus sets aggressive goals for THR to develop innovative ways to provide convenient, cost-effective access to care for the growing and aging population of North Texas.

“One of our goals,” Hawthorne continued, “is for THR to become a nationally-recognized benchmark system that others will strive to emulate. We intend to become a leader and innovator in quality, patient safety and stakeholder satisfaction. We will redefine what value in health care services means for all stakeholders – patients, physicians, volunteers, employees and the community at large.”

The THR system's 13 hospitals include Harris Methodist, Arlington Memorial and Presbyterian hospitals.

New Organizational Structure
The first step in implementing the 10-year strategic focus is the announcement today of a new organizational structure that aligns the system's hospitals and corporate services for greater integration to enhance patient services and physician engagement. Today's announcement was the first in a series of organizational changes expected to be unveiled in the coming weeks.

The plan creates two new positions – senior executive vice president for system alignment and performance – that will be responsible for aligning, integrating and deploying resources, programs and operations across all of the system.

Effective June 1, THR executive vice presidents Barclay E. Berdan and Stephen C. Hanson will step into the newly-created senior executive vice president positions. Working as a team with one another and THR's other senior system leaders, Berdan and Hanson will integrate operational and support functions across the system.

Both Berdan and Hanson will report to Hawthorne. Berdan will leave his position as president of Harris Methodist Fort Worth Hospital, and a new president will be named to that position. Hanson's position as executive vice president of operations for THR will be eliminated.

“The changes announced today and others to follow are designed to make us more patient-focused, collaborative throughout and responsive to an ever-changing environment,” Hawthorne explained. “This realignment will help us effectively execute THR's new 10-year strategic focus to transform the delivery of health care in North Texas.”

In addition to the new roles for Berdan and Hanson, Hawthorne announced that chief financial officer Ron Long will add the new title of executive vice president, resource development and deployment, reflecting his responsibility for strategic resource management.

Hawthorne added, “THR is blessed with a very strong leadership team. With guidance from THR's board of trustees, we are enhancing our integrated, team-oriented structure to harness the best capabilities of people and technologies across the system.”

Nurse and Physician Engagement
Reinforcing the vital role nurses play in THR's patient care, quality improvement and service delivery, Hawthorne also announced creation of a new position of senior vice president and chief nurse executive. THR will begin a search for candidates in June.

“THR's nurses are the front line of patient care in our hospitals,” said Hawthorne, “and 36 of them were recently named to the Great 100 Nurses list, more than any other hospital system. The new chief nurse executive position will play a key role in attracting more great nurses to our hospitals by creating an environment where collaboration is valued and clinical care continuously improves.”

Another key element of THR's 10-year strategic focus is a new physician engagement plan that will begin with formation of a physician organization named Texas Health Resources Medical Group. Hawthorne said he expects to announce a new president to head the company along with more details within the next few weeks.

“Our physician engagement plan will create opportunities for mutual benefit,” Hawthorne added, “providing physicians with an environment that enables them to spend more time in direct patient care.”

About Texas Health Resources
Texas Health Resources is one of the largest faith-based, nonprofit health care delivery systems in the United States and the largest in North Texas in terms of patients served. THR controls 13 affiliated hospitals and a medical research organization, and is a corporate member or partner in seven additional hospitals and surgery centers. THR's family of hospitals includes Harris Methodist Hospitals, Arlington Memorial Hospital and Presbyterian Healthcare System. For more information about Texas Health Resources, visit


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