When to Come to the Hospital during a Flu Outbreak

Flu News from Texas Health Resources

  • Individuals who think they have symptoms of the flu should call their primary care physician or their local urgent care clinic for evaluation
  • Individuals with flu-like symptoms (body aches, fever of 101 degrees, coughing) rarely need to go to the hospital. These symptoms however, indicate the need for hospital/ER evaluation:
    • Feeling confused or unable to stay awake
    • Difficulty breathing or breathing too fast
    • Pregnant women
    • Anyone suffering from organ disease (liver, heart, brain, lung etc.) or cancer
    • Immuno-compromised patients (HIV, organ transplant recipients)
    • Elderly patients (65 years or older)
    • Anyone who feels sicker than they usually do with the flu
  • If children show the following symptoms, visit your local children's hospital:
    • Fever of 101 degrees or higher
    • Rapid breathing
    • Struggling to breathe
    • Bluish discoloration of the skin, specifically in the fingernails, toenails and lips
    • Spells of not breathing
  • It is important that children and individuals who are sick refrain from visiting loved ones who are in the hospital


Source: Information from members of the medical staff at Texas Health Fort Worth