Sports Nutrition

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Pre-Exercise Eating

Pre-Exercise Meal

Pre-Exercise Snack

The Pre-Exercise Plate

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During Exercise Eating

Purpose: What happens to the body during exercise?

During Practice

Energy Needed:


Adding Carbohydrate:

For Weight Gain:

During a Game

Energy needed:


Providing the body with energy: Half-time is a great time to "re-fuel" and rehydrate the body

Listen to your body ... eat if you feel tired
when training or performing!

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Post-Exercise Eating


0-45 minutes post-workout/game

Fluids like shakes and smoothies digest much faster than whole food

Best recovery bars: Cliff, Power Bar Harvest, Gatorade, Go Lean Crunch

Within 2 hours post-workout/game

Within 2 hours post-workout/game

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