Governance Structure

Our governance structure facilitates systemwide decision making and accountability within Texas Health Resources. How we support patients and manage employees, engage with other institutions and chart our course for the future is integral to fulfilling our mission.

Our governance system and leadership work hand-in-hand to align all parts of our organization towards quality and value, to integrate clinical services and to provide a continuum of care.

Developed and executed by the vice president, Governance Services, and working with the CEO and senior executive leadership, Texas Health’s Governance Plan also serves to:

  • Clarify required roles and responsibilities at each level of the organization.
  • Recruit leaders with a diverse set of competencies to assess business strategies and outcomes.
  • Build employee and community accountability and trust through engagement and sound performance.
  • Collect timely data, information and tools to optimize strategic decision making.
  • Evaluate and adjust multi-year strategies and priorities.
  • Link governance performance standards, continuing education and best practices to
    our strategic plan.

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