Health Information Technology

Putting medical history and treatment plans at physicians’ fingertips helps them quickly and decisively deliver patient care. Electronic health records also save time, reduce costs, improve care and enhance patient privacy.

As more health care systems exchange information outside their walls, Texas Health Resources is better able to provide a continuum of care — where and when patients need it most. These technologies also reduce the chance of mistakes, make more efficient use of resources, and control and secure access to information.

Texas Health is a proud national leader in health information technology and among the first in the nation to deploy an electronic health record. Dubbed CareConnect, this $200 million system offers computerized physician order entry, clinical decision support systems, bar-coding and closed loop medication administration technologies. It also provides prompts, alerts, protocols and checklists to standardize performance, and reduce errors and duplication of services.

Expanding, maintaining and securing these technologies is expensive and complex. The benefits Texas Health has realized to date from health information technology have been tremendous. We now have more than 4.7 million health records online and received about $19 million in federal incentive payments for our early adoption of this technology.

In the coming year, Texas Health plans to evolve further. We will:

  • Develop the technological infrastructure needed to collect, analyze and share patient data with physicians. This will help them better manage the overall health of patient populations.
  • Incorporate outpatient facilities into the electronic record system.
  • Enable patients to access their hospital records in a secure manner from home.

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