Employee Engagement

Workforce engagement and satisfaction are critical to Texas Health’s mission, vision, values and Promise, and for achieving our strategic objective of becoming nationally recognized as an excellent and innovative health care system of choice.

We believe that highly engaged and satisfied employees work together to comfort and provide care to our patients. We invest in building stronger relationships with our workforce, as human connection invites collaboration and teamwork, and improves patient care.

We foster a culture that supports employee engagement and satisfaction by:

  • Recognizing excellent performance, ideas or suggestions for improvement through our Applause! and other recognition programs.
  • Conducting senior leader listening rounds that provide leaders and employees another opportunity to engage in discussions about their work environment.
  • Continuously seeking employee feedback through annual surveys and informal listening posts.
  • Creating an employee grievance program to provide a systematic approach to support our workforce. Implemented in 2012, the program helps employees solve problems with the help of specially trained Promise Coaches.
  • Partnering with managers to implement action plans to make Texas Health an even better place to work and serve our patients.

We leverage multiple communication channels to engage employees through dialog and other communication initiatives. This helps us discuss the roles employees play, how they can meet expectations, improve their performance and fulfill our vision for the future.

Our annual employee survey provides an objective snapshot of employee feedback about their experience at Texas Health Resources. Our goal is to rank in the 90th percentile or better in Press Ganey’s employee survey national database.

In 2012, 91.3 percent of employees participated in the survey. The overall partnership score, at 88.1 percent favorable, has increased by a percentage point each year since 2010. The partnership score is a combination of employees’ overall satisfaction and overall engagement. Overall satisfaction is at 84 percent favorable and overall engagement at 92.4 percent favorable. Additionally, 91.3 percent of employees answered favorably to the statement “I would recommend this organization to a friend as a great place to work.”

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