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Jean F.

I believe the Daily Challenge is a real service to us. We all get busy. It's nice to know that during the day, I will be given a challenge that is easy to complete (and I better get it done so I can get my points!). I look forward to each day's new challenge.

It makes me stop and complete a task that is beneficial to my health, when otherwise I would probably get too involved with the projects of the day to think about exercise or my wellbeing. All of the movement challenges are helpful and the limber legs challenges are good for stretching and tightening my glutes. I'm now on the "conquering clutter" track which helps remind me to clean up the little messes that often get overlooked.

Being retired (and age 81), I am always on the go! The Daily Challenge forces me take the time to think about things I can do to better me.

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