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Advancing the Science of Well-Being

Texas Health Resources is advancing the science of well-being to keep you healthier. From job satisfaction to social relationships to lifestyle habits, every aspect of your life affects well-being.

What is the key to your well-being? It's a collection of factors that should co-exist peacefully in your life for you to achieve the most personal benefit. And these fundamentals are backed by scientific fact.

Social relationships — both in quality and quantity — affect mental and physical health, behavior, and mortality risk. For better or for worse, studies show that social relationships have both short- and long-term effects on health. It's also proven that these effects emerge in childhood and build throughout a lifetime to foster cumulative advantages or disadvantages in health. How do your social relationships affect your health?

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The numbers paint an undeniable picture: individual well-being is a strong predictor of health care costs and outcomes. It seems intuitive that staying well allows us to lower health care costs, but studies also show that well people tend to have better outcomes when they do need treatment, as well. It's also been discovered that employees who are thriving in life have 41% lower health-related costs compared with employees who are struggling, and 62% lower costs compared with employees who are suffering. The numbers translate to dollars, both for employers and employees, when well-being is a focus of health care costs.

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Working on your well-being may actually involve — well — your work! As workers become more engaged in their daily work, it's been shown that their physical health also improves. Employees tracked for two years demonstrated that the more engaged they were with their daily work, their levels of cholesterol and triglycerides significantly decreased, both indicators of heart health. Working on your well-being means finding a profession worth pursuing — and putting your heart into it.

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Solid personal relationships are truly "chicken soup" for the soul, bearing out in several different ways in your life. It's been shown that couples in strained relationships can take up to twice as long to heal from a wound than people in supportive ones. And more than just your significant other, your entire social network impacts your health, habits and well-being. Friends who are closest in proximity have the most influence on you, and people with whom you share a mutual friend can impact your well-being even more. Your social network has great influence on your personal well-being, and you have influence on your entire network. Simply put, we have a vested interest in others' well-being, and they do in ours.

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