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Texas Health Resources CEO Doug HawthorneTexas Health Resources CEO Doug Hawthorne discussed proposed cuts to Medicaid in his "Business of Health Care Report" for the week of April 18.

The report is broadcast every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 6:25 p.m. on NewsRadio 1080 AM, KRLD.

You can also read and hear an archive of Hawthorne's reports in the News section of this website.

Even if the Texas Legislature cuts funds for Medicaid, people will still need medical treatment. And someone will have to pay for those who can't pay for themselves. As a Texan and a taxpayer, you've already paid the federal government once — why pay twice? Please read on.

  • Medicaid is for legal U.S. residents
  • Medicaid is about Texans helping Texans
  • Medicaid is not Medicare. Medicare is a federal health insurance program, mainly for people age 65 and older
  • Three million Texans are served each month by Medicaid
  • More than 83 percent of Texas Medicaid recipients are 19 or younger - that's 2.5 million children
  • Approximately 60 percent of Medicaid expenditures in Texas go to care for the blind, the disabled and elderly people
  • Medicaid is funded by both state and federal dollars
  • For every $1 Texas puts into Medicaid, the Texas Medicaid program gets approximately $3 in federal funds
  • Cuts in state funding will cause a loss of federal matching dollars and lead to more uncompensated care delivered by hospitals and physicians
  • Cuts in state funding could increase the number of uninsured in Texas
  • Reductions in Medicaid will hurt the Dallas-Fort Worth economy in employment, incomes and sales taxes.

Please let your elected state legislators know how you feel about Texans helping Texans.

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