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Make someone smile today by doing a small act of kindness, such as holding open a door.

How to do it

As you make your way through the day, keep an eye out for someone who looks like they could use a pick-me-up or a bit of help, then lend a hand! A friend or colleague might like a link to that video that had you in stitches yesterday. Or perhaps you could help someone struggling with grocery bags or hold open a heavy door.

Why it matters

When you perform an act of kindness or generosity, it has a domino effect. Your act of kindness spreads from person to person to person, affecting the lives of dozens, maybe hundreds of people you don't know and have never met! Research has shown that when people are the beneficiaries of kindness, they in turn help others who were not originally involved and that behavior spreads to others well beyond their social circle. By spreading some kindness around today, you and a lot of other people will be the better for it.

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