Supporting Health Care Workers: Ways You Can Help
November 19, 2020
Supporting Health Care Workers: Ways You Can Help
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With COVID-19 cases surging and likely to continue in the coming months, our Texas Health caregivers continue their battle for us and our community. These selfless heroes have made and continue to make endless sacrifices to care for their patients, and they rightfully deserve our admiration, praise and support.

Many of us at home want to help our North Texas health professionals, but may not know the best ways to help right now. We’ve compiled a list of ways you can honor those in the health care industry — from staying home to flatten the curve to donating money, blood, and food items. Whatever your contribution, be assured your gift will make a difference in the lives of these men and women who go beyond the call of duty to provide excellent care for their patients each day.

Stay Home!

Let’s start with the most effortless way you can help – staying home. By all accounts, social distancing helps flatten the curve like this WFAA-TV piece explains. By no means have we declared victory against COVID-19, but data shows that staying home and observing other CDC health guidelines as we outlined in a recent post is making a difference. For health care workers, that means we’re doing our part to ensure health care workers’ time and focus is reserved for those who need it most. So, unless you’re an essential worker, you’ll be doing your part by simply staying home.  

Donate to the Texas Health Foundation COVID-19 Fund

Consider a donation to the Texas Health Foundation COVID-19 fund to provide direct support to health care workers providing life-giving support to patients infected with the virus. The Fund supports day-to-day basic needs of our team — including safe shelter, food, daycare and critical medical equipment needs during these challenging times.

Consider that a gift of $25 will pay for meals to feed two employees a day, while larger contributions can pay our costs for providing daily chaplain service for workers and patients, or employee daycare costs. For additional information on ways you can help, click

Donate Food

If you or your organization would like to feed employees during a shift or donate individual meals to one of our facilities, please email us at and we’ll be able to help you with options to meet your needs and budget. As much as we appreciate home-made meals and baked goods, we are unable to accept them.  

Donate Medical Supplies

Medical suppliers may inquire about selling or donating supplies at

While we appreciate the desire of those who want to donate homemade surgical masks, we are unable to accept them at this time.  

Give Blood

Roll up your sleeves and give blood during the COVID-19 pandemic. Blood is part of our country’s critical infrastructure, so healthy individuals can donate even in areas with shelter in place declarations. Donating your blood is safe, it saves lives, and ensures that there are adequate supplies for patients who need it. Visit the American Red Cross or Carter BloodCare to learn how you can donate.  

Participate in Our COVID Study

Texas Health and UT Southwestern are collaborating on a philanthropically supported study to find out how and where COVID 19 is spreading and why certain people are affected more than others. Your participation can help get people back to school and work and save lives. You can help your community and your family with a simple, free COVID test. Take this short survey to participate.

Wear a Mask in Public, Stay Current on CDC Recommendations 

Keeping yourself, your loved ones and the community safe and healthy will put less strain on our health care workers in the long run. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends wearing a cloth face mask when in public to prevent the spread of COVID-19.  Recent studies show even those who lack or have yet do develop symptoms can transmit the virus.  

For more information about cloth face masks, check out our Facebook video for tips on how to use cloth face masks correctly.  

Support Health Care Workers You Know

Reach out to friends or family members who are health professionals, letting them know how much you appreciate their admirable work during the crisis and encouraging them to stay strong. Pick up the phone and call or text, write a note, send a greeting card — or a shout-out on social media. Want to do more? Send them a gift card to their favorite restaurant or leave a treat in their mailbox.  

Whether your gift is staying home and following health guidelines or making a gift to a nurse, doctor or other healthcare worker, your thoughtfulness will be appreciated now more than ever.  

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