The Path to Positivity
April 15, 2020
The Path to Positivity

Right about now, you may be looking for the silver lining during our troubled time. It may take a little doing, but know that there is lemonade to be made from the lemons the world has been given. 

Adults and children respond differently to stressful situations. To take care of your emotional health along with that of your loved ones, look to the simple pleasures. 

Now is an opportune time to take a walk with your furry friend, read a book you’ve been putting off, or cook a comforting meal. Wherever your happy place may be, find it and stick with it. You will see that when you are uplifted, the feeling is contagious.

Here are some important things to keep in mind as we go through these uncertain times, along with some simple ways to choose peace and joy over stress: 

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