Family Gets Great InHome Care Beginning with ‘First Hello’
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June 05, 2017
Family Gets Great InHome Care Beginning with ‘First Hello’

To be 96 years young is no small feat. To be 96 years young and still be mobile and alert is amazing. World War II veteran Elmer Johnson’s daughter-in-law attributes his longevity in good part to the expedient and personalized health care he has received in recent months, right at home. Thanks to a new Texas Health collaboration with DispatchHealth to offer mobile urgent care services to residents in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, families like the Johnsons have been able to get their loved ones the care they need when and where they need it most.

The Johnsons’ first connection with the mobile urgent care service came in December 2018, when Mr. Johnson developed a bacterial skin infection. Due to the time of year, Barbara was unsuccessful in getting his primary care physician on the phone, or anyone from the office for that matter. When the office opened for business, Barbara explained her family’s situation and was provided with contact information for DispatchHealth. Since then, the family has been sold on the service.

“From the first hello when Freddie greeted us with a smile over the phone to the professional and caring personal touch provided by Chris and Deepa when they arrived at our home, we have entrusted DispatchHealth to do what they do best,” Barbara said. “They were armed and ready for action with the proper equipment and a plan. They treated my father-in-law with impeccable integrity and in such an engaging way that is rare for this 96-year-old patient.”

DispatchHealth has been welcomed into the Johnson home again most recently to address injuries Mr. Johnson received as the result of a fall. Although not seriously hurt, Mr. Johnson required X-rays and bandaging. The medical technician and nurse practitioner who responded were able to provide the proper medical assistance in collaboration with a remote on-call emergency room physician.

Barbara, who is a nurse herself, appreciates the value of those who serve others. She also applauds having access to expert urgent care without the need for an emergency room. “We are all over the age of 65 that reside in this home and were beyond grateful for the way we were each treated by DispatchHealth.”

“We’ve had great experiences with Texas Health in general. When my dad was admitted to Texas Health Allen in February 2018 with pneumonia, the hospital’s president personally delivered a special chair to dad’s room after hearing of his situation and recognizing that he is a veteran.

The Johnsons have been so impressed by DispatchHealth that Barbara said she has shared about the service many times on social media and amongst their church family. Her one regret? “If only we could have tipped them. Thank you just doesn’t seem to be enough.”

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