COVID-19, Your Family and You

Whether you’re pregnant, caring for a new baby or chasing after a toddler, you’ve got a lot on your mind. The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic may have you understandably anxious. The information and resources in the links below can help.

COVID-19 vaccines are now recommended for everyone ages 6 months and up, including pregnant and breastfeeding women. Get answers to frequently asked questions, including whether these vaccines are safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women and why they’re not yet authorized for kids under age 5.

Call your healthcare provider if you’re concerned about your health or your child’s well-being. Many providers now have different policies in place for well- and sick-visits; find out in advance how these affect you and your child. 

  • For general info on COVID-19 symptoms, treatment and prevention, tap here.

For specific guidance on caring for yourself and your family during the pandemic, check out the links below:



Infants under age 1 and kids with underlying medical conditions may be at higher risk for more severe illness from COVID-19. Having your baby or child vaccinated for COVID-19 (at 6 months or older) can help protect against this.

In addition to making sure you and your family are vaccinated, there are ways to protect a newborn or baby under 6 months:

From the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention:
From the American Academy of Pediatrics:


The COVID-19 vaccine helps protect against serious illness but does not necessarily prevent you or your child from getting a milder case of the virus. Just like you, any child sick with COVID-19 should recover at home (and not attend school or childcare).
When the virus is circulating, there are times when we all will need to wear protective face masks. The links below offer tips on protecting your children and keeping them entertained if COVID-19 sidelines them at home:

From Zero to Three:
From the AAP:
From the CDC:

This message is not intended to provide individual medical advice. Always seek the advice of a physician or qualified healthcare provider for any questions you have about your health or medical condition, your breastfeeding issues and your infant's health. Never disregard, avoid or delay contacting a doctor or other qualified professional because of something you have read in our emails, webpages or other electronic communications.

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