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Before My Stay
  • Financial Information

    Our Financial Counselor may contact you during your hospital stay to discuss financial arrangements for payment of your bill. Please understand we do so only because it is better to talk face-to face rather than by phone after you have been discharged. Specific concerns for you could involve not having insurance coverage, payment of non-covered charges or self pay balances.

    If you are concerned about your ability to pay, or wish to discuss available sources of assistance before leaving the hospital our financial counselor can assist you at 817-568-5360.

    Should any questions arise about your hospital bill, or billing procedure or credit policy, feel free to call Customer Service at 817-551-2739. The Customer Service office hours are Monday through Thursday 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and Friday 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. For your convenience Customer Service may be contacted via e-mail at

    Payment Options

    For your convenience, we accept the following forms of payment. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for payment.

    • Checks (personal or traveler's)
    • Cash
    • MasterCard
    • VISA
    • Discover
    • AMEX

    Hospitals and doctors charge separately. Your account with us consists of charges for your room, meals, the use of equipment, supplies and services provided by the hospital's staff.

    Professional Services

    As a patient you may receive bills from independent physicians, clinics or group practices for physician services provided during your treatment/stay at the hospital. Some examples include Anesthesiologists, Radiologists, or Emergency Physicians. These physicians are not employees or agents of the hospital.

  • Hearing and Visual Impaired Services

    A full range of assistive and communication aids provided to persons who are deaf, hearing impaired, or blind, visually impaired, or with other sensory impairments. There is no additional charge for such aids. Some of these aids include:

    • Qualified sign language interpreters for persons who are deaf or hearing impaired
    • A twenty-four hour (24) telecommunication device *(TTY/TDD) which can connect the caller to all extensions within the facility and/or portable (TTY/TDD) units, for use by persons who are deaf, hearing impaired, or speech impaired. TDD number is 512-438-3011.
    • Readers for the blind and large print materials for the visually impaired.
    • Alphabet boards and other communication boards.
    • Assistive devices for persons with impaired manual skills.

    If you require any of the aids listed above, please ask the receptionist or your caregiver to assist you.

    *TDD -- telecommunications device for the deaf

  • Interpreters

    Language is no barrier. If you don't speak English fluently, don't worry. The quality of your treatment will not be limited in any way. Many of our staff are multi-lingual, and they comprise a pool of interpreters who communicate with our non-English speaking patients and visitors. We also have a language service available.

  • Organ Donation

    Federal and state regulations require that hospitals ask the family of a patient who has died about organ and tissue donation. If the patient has not indicated his or her wishes, then it is up to the patient's family to make the decision concerning donations. Donation procedures begin only after all efforts to save your life have been exhausted, and death has been declared.

    For more information you can refer to the Organ Provider Organization LifeGift.

  • Patient's Rights and Responsibilities
    HIPAA Notice

    Written Acknowledgement of Receipt of Notice of Patient Privacy Practices


    Believing that mutual understanding between patients and health care personnel is important to your care and recovery, Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South defines below your rights as a patient regarding your care, treatment and services. Additionally, as partners in your health care, our expectation of your responsibilities as a patient are defined below. In order to enhance the safe delivery of care, it is our responsibility to provide you with this information about your rights and your responsibilities.

    Individual Rights and Individual Responsibilities

    Protective Services Resources: You have the right to the hospital's reasonable response to your request and needs for treatment and service within the hospital's capacity, mission and applicable law. It is your right as a patient in this facility to be allowed access to protective services. These services include advocacy services, certification and licensure agencies, and Medicare/Medicaid fraud, abuse reporting agencies, etc.

    Contact Information

    Patient Advocate: phone at 817-551-2495 or e-mail at

  • Preparing for a Procedure/Treatment

    Once you and your surgeon have determined the need for surgery, you will begin to make arrangements for your procedure. To help you understand its risks and benefits, please discuss any concerns you have with your physician prior to the day of your procedure. Your physician’s office will work directly with Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South’s operating room to schedule a time for surgery.

    In order to ensure the best experience and optimal recovery, a substantial amount of information will be required when preparing for your procedure. Your nurse will need the following information (either during your pre-testing appointment or via a phone interview):

    Your medical history including all other surgeries

    • Allergies to medicines
    • General health information
    • Recent illness including fever, colds, or rash
    • Current prescriptions and over the counter medications
    • The use of tobacco, alcohol or other drugs
    • Pregnancy status
    • Any chronic medical problems including diabetes, high blood pressure or sleep apnea.
    • Durable Power of Attorney (if applicable)

    Certain documentation is needed to help with your registration and pre-operative care. Gather these documents and information to take with you the day of your procedure or pre-testing appointment.

    • Completed advance medical directive
    • Insurance cards or forms
    • A list of regular medications including when, how much and the strength of each medication you take

    You may need tests performed before your surgery. Your primary care physician, your surgeon and/or your anesthesiologist may order pre-operative testing. These tests may be completed at Texas Health Huguley, during a pre-testing appointment. You will also be given information about your procedure, anesthesia, and pre-op instructions, including diet restrictions, what medication to take, and other pre-op instructions to follow. The nurse will also gather all necessary medical history, and medical information for your anesthesiologist to review.

    To ensure your right of confidentiality we will not leave any information on a recorder that is not identified as being yours. Therefore, a phone number to contact you is essential.

    All patients receiving an Outpatient Procedure are required to have a responsible driver or responsible care giver available (neither public bus drivers nor public cab drivers qualify) before a procedure can begin.

  • Social Services

    Medical Social Workers/Discharge Planners are licensed staff specially trained to assist patients and families with many of the issues that often arise during a hospital stay.

    Here are a few of the situations in which a Social Worker can be helpful.

    When a patient is in need of new medical services at home after discharge.

    • Durable Medical Equipment
    • Home Health Care
    • Hospice Care

    When a patient is unable to return home immediately after discharge from the hospital.

    • Rehabilitation Transfer
    • Assisted Living Placement
    • Nursing Home Placement

    When a patient is interested in executing advanced directives.

    • Durable Power of Attorney of Healthcare
    • Living Will
    • Do Not Resuscitate

    When a patient is in need of community resources.

    • Home Maker Services
    • Transportation Assistance
    • Medication Assistance

    When special needs arise after the birth of a baby.

    • Adoption Assistance
    • Teen Motherhood Assessments
    • Child Safety Concerns

    When a patient is involved in a crisis situation.

    • Family conflict
    • Domestic Violence
    • Abuse/Neglect Situations
    • Drug/Alcohol Abuse Issues
    • Grief/Loss Issues

    Social Workers can be asked to see patients by many people. They include:

    • Physician Requests
    • Nursing Requests
    • Patient Requests
    • Family Requests

    If you believe that a patient in the hospital would benefit from a visit from a social worker, please inform that patient's nurse or physician so that they may notify the Social Services Department.

    Contact Information

    Social Services: 817-551-2786

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After My Stay
  • Birth Certificates

    Here's how you can obtain your newborn's Social Security number or birth certificate. Learn more.

  • Financial Assistance
    Financial Assistance Program

    As a member of Adventist Health System, Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South is a faith-based hospital committed to excellence in providing quality health care while serving the diverse needs of those living in our service area. Financial assistance may be available to patients receiving non-elective (emergent) hospital services who are not covered by any form of insurance or government program. Verification of income and financial information is required.

    The following addendum to our financial assistance policy lists physicians providing services in our hospital and indicates whether they participate in our financial assistance program.

    Texas Health Huguley Hospital Addendum Physician Financial Assistance

    Please click on the link "Calculation of Amount Owed for Financial Assistance Eligible Individuals" for an explanation of how your uninsured discount is calculated.

    Calculation of Amount Owed for Financial Assistance Eligible Individuals

    Financial Assistance Documents:

    The following documents are included when you access the links below: Summary of our Financial Assistance Policy; Financial Assistance Application; and Financial Assistance Policy.

    You may also consult with a hospital representative for additional assistance and information using the contact information below.


    Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South
    Financial Counseling
    11801 South Freeway
    Fort Worth, TX 76115

  • Insurance
    • Accountable Health Plan
    • Adventist Risk Management Inc.
    • Aetna (Commercial and Managed Medicare products)
    • America’s Health Plan
    • AmeriGroup
    • Beech Street
    • Blue Cross HMO & PPO
      (Pre Authorization goes through AIM for Outpatient CT, MRI, and Nuclear Medicine
    • Blue Cross Traditional
    • CARE
    • CCN
    • Cigna HMO, PPO & FlexCare
      (Pre Authorization goes through Med Solutions for Outpatient MRI, and CT)
    • Cook Childrens Health Plan
    • First Health – Affordable
    • Galaxy Health Network
    • Great West - One Health Plan
    • HealthSmart
    • Humana PPO
    • Johnson County Indigent
    • Medical Development International
    • MetroWest
    • Multiplan (BCE Emergis; ProAmerica; Up & Up)
    • National Health Alliance
    • North Texas HealthCare Network
    • PacifiCare HMO & PPO
    • PacifiCare Secure Horizions
    • PHCS
    • ppoNext (HealthStar; Medical Control)
    • Texas Healthcare Foundation (Work Injury/Work Comp)
    • Texas True Choice
    • Tricare
    • UniCare
    • United Healthcare HMO & PPO
    • USA Health Net

  • Medical Records

    To request a copy of your medical record, please print and complete the Release of Information Authorization Form and mail it to the address below along with a photo copy of a picture I.D.

    Send request to the following address:

    Attention: Health Information Management
    Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South
    PO Box 6337
    Fort Worth, TX 76115

    or FAX to 817-551-2447

    You may call us at 817-551-2741 for more information.

    You can also request medical records online using the button below:

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Visitor's Guide
  • Chaplain Services

    For your peace of mind, our hospital chaplain is available for prayer, support, and counseling. A chaplain is on call 24 hours a day should your needs become urgent. If you prefer to speak with your own minister, priest, or rabbi, we will be happy to make the contact for you. Our chapel is located on the main accessible from the lobby. It is always open for prayer and meditation. Morning prayer service is open for all every Monday thru Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.

    Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) Level I and Level II

    Fully accredited by:

    **Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc. (ACPE)
    1549 Clairmont Road Suite 103
    Decatur, GA 30033
    Tel: (404) 320-1472 Fax: (404) 320-0849

    Exciting opportunities are currently available to seminary students and those seeking to broaden their scope of pastoral ministry. The Clinical Pastoral Education program at Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South provides an interfaith, professional education program for ministry. Directed by Theodore Stewart, Director of Pastoral Care and a CPE supervisor at Texas Health Huguley, Clinical Pastoral Education serves as a "hands-on" training program for seminary students, qualified lay people, and ministers. By placing students and ministers into real-life, one-on-one situations with persons in crisis, the CPE Program helps participants improve their pastoral skills while meeting the needs of others. The program includes continuous, objective supervisory and peer feedback-providing positive opportunities for self-reflection, pastoral and personal growth.

    Learn more about Clinical Pastoral Education opportunities.

    Contact Information
    Phone: 817-551-2733
    ** "The ACPE Accreditation Commission is recognized as an accrediting agency by the USDE"

    U.S. Department of Education
    Association and State Liaison Division
    Office of Postsecondary Education
    1900 K Street, Room #7105, Washington, DC 20006-8509

  • Lori's Gifts
    Welcome to Lori's Gifts

    Online Gift ShopPlace orders online for FREE SAME-DAY DELIVERY from the Gift Shop directly to patients in the hospital. Phone orders are welcome and available during Gift Shop operating hours. No additional charge or minimum purchase required for hospital deliveries. For your convenience, we accept Cash, MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express.

    Gift Shop Hours

    Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
    Saturday: Closed
    Sunday: Closed

    Phone: 817-568-3164

    Custom Gifts For Every Occasion

    • Get Well & Thinking of You Gift Baskets
    • Custom Gift Baskets for Special Relative, New Mom and Baby
    • Gift Baskets for Child—just share with us the age and we will design an age-appropriate Gift
    • Beautiful Fresh Flower Arrangements
    • Potted Plants or Silk Plants decorated with a gift bow
    • Balloon Bouquets; including balloons that sing when they are tapped

    Gift Shop Items

    • Personal care Items such as Lip Balm, Lotion, Hairbrush, Toothpaste & Nail Clippers
    • Socks, Slippers & Robes
    • Purses & Scarves
    • Fashion Jewelry & Reading Glasses
    • Games and Plush Animals
    • Inspirational Gifts
    • Seasonal Gifts
    • Cards, Magazines & Books
    • Collectible Figurines
    • Picture Frames

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Billing and Financial Services
  • Estimate Your Out-of-Pocket Cost

    Texas Health Huguley is pleased to offer a good faith estimate to provide you with better clarity and understanding of your health care investment in advance of services. For a personalized cost estimate, choose one of the following options.

    1. Click on the Estimate Request Form link and complete the online form. If you have insurance, you will need to have your insurance card available. A written or verbal estimate will be provided to you within two business days.
    2. 817-551-2739. If you have insurance, you will need to have your insurance card available.
    Questions to Ask Your Doctor Prior to Requesting an Estimate

    • What is the exact name of the procedure(s)?
      • Ask the doctor to clearly write out the name of the procedure. Correct spelling is important since many surgery names sound similar.

    • What CPT code(s) will be used for the procedure(s)?
      • CPT codes are the billing codes used by providers for physician services. If you do not have this, please be sure to have the exact name of the procedure.

    • What ICD-9 diagnosis code(s) will be used?
      • The International Classification of Diseases codes identify your health condition and allow health care professionals anywhere in the country to have a shared understanding of conditions.

    • Will you be staying overnight?
      • Does the doctor expect that you will be admitted to the hospital as an inpatient overnight, or that you will be treated on an outpatient basis?

    • Pricelist
      • AdventHealth aspires to give consumers meaningful information as they seek to restore their health. We believe consumers should be equipped with personalized and accurate estimates. We are making it easier for patients to make informed decisions about their health care by offering them personalized estimates for hospital procedures before they receive care. The estimates are based on their insurance coverage and the typical care experience for patients receiving similar services from the same physician.

    • In addition, be sure to have the first and last name of the doctor who ordered the procedure. For surgical procedures, please provide the surgeon’s first and last name.

  • Pricelist

    The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) mandated hospital price transparency that went into effect January 1, 2019, whereby, Hospitals are required to make available a list of their current standard charges via the internet in a machine readable format and update this information at least annually, or more often as appropriate.  Therefore, the files below represent the respective hospital’s pricelist in machine readable format in compliance with CMS policy. However, provider organizations and patient advocates both agree that the realities of medical-industry pricing still make it difficult for consumers to comprehend this data. No patient ever pays the pricelist price. Insurance companies negotiate a specific discount for their customers. In addition, uninsured individuals have access to a variety of state and federal government programs and additional discounts that can be reviewed with a financial counselor prior to service. Therefore, this file is not the best representation of the amount a patient or consumer will pay, because the final bill a patient receives is always discounted. Insurance companies negotiate discounts on the pricelist amounts by as much as 40% or more. In addition, patients’ have varying degrees of financial responsibility relative to how valuable their insurance coverage is. This means that patients will have higher or lower copays, co-insurances, and deductibles. The patient must pay an amount up to their deductible before the insurance begins paying benefits. These deductibles can be as low as five hundred dollars or as high as ten thousand dollars depending on how much coverage that individual purchased or their employer is providing on their behalf. In addition, after the deductible is paid by the patient, the patient will often owe 10-20% of the insurance’s negotiated amount up to a maximum individual or family amount. The patient’s coverage level as well as their insurance carrier’s negotiated amount may vary greatly, and therefore, the price each consumer pays is very personal.

    For these reasons, Texas Health Huguley Hospital aspires to give consumers meaningful information as they seek to restore their health. We believe consumers should be equipped with personalized and accurate estimates. We are making it easier for patients to make informed decisions about their health care by offering them personalized estimates for hospital procedures before their care. The estimates are based on their insurance coverage and the typical care experience for patients receiving similar services from the same physician.These personalized estimates are accessible in the “My Billing” section of this website.

    Click here to view the Pricelist

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Your Rights and Privacy
  • Individual Rights and Responsibilities
    Individual Rights

    • You have the right to receive information about your rights.
    • You have the right to be involved in care decisions.
    • You have the right to informed consent. Informed consent is a mutual understanding between you and the physician who provides you with care. This allows you to fully participate in decisions about your care.
    • You have the right to be informed and to give consent for recordings or filming made for purposes other than identification, diagnosis, or treatment.
    • You have the right to be informed of the name of the physician or other practitioner primarily responsible for your care, and for the name of the physician or other practitioner who will perform the care.
    • You have the right to refuse care in accordance with law and regulation. When you are not legally responsible, your surrogate decision maker, as allowed by law, has the right to refuse care on your behalf.
    • You have a right to have your wishes relating to end of life decisions addressed.
    • You, and when appropriate, your family have a right to be informed about the outcomes of care, treatment, and services, including unanticipated outcomes.
    • You have the right to a complaint resolution process. You can freely voice complaints and recommend changes without being subject to coercion, discrimination, reprisal, or unreasonable interruption of care, treatment, and services.
    • Your needs for confidentiality, privacy, and security are respected.
    • You have a right to an environment that preserves dignity and contributes to a positive self-image.
    • You have a right to be free from mental, physical, sexual, and verbal abuse, neglect and exploitation.
    • You have the right to pain management.
    • You have a right to access protective advocacy services.
    • You have the right, if applicable, to be protected as a research subject and to have your right during research, investigation, and clinical trials respected.

    Individual Responsibilities

    • Provide information. It is your responsibility to provide the health care providers with accurate and complete information about your present complaints past illnesses, hospitalization, medications, and other matters relating to your health. You must report perceived risks in your care and unexpected changes in your condition.
    • Ask questions. It is your responsibility to ask questions when you do not understand your care or what you are expected to do.
    • Follow instructions. You must follow the plan of care that is developed for you. You should express any concerns about your ability to follow the plan of care.
    • Accept consequences. You and your family are responsible for the outcomes if you do not follow the plan of care.
    • Follow rules and regulations. You are responsible for following Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South's rules and regulations.
    • Show respect and consideration. It is your responsibility to be considerate of Texas Health Huguley's staff and property as well as being considerate of other patients and their property.
    • Meet financial commitments. It is your responsibility to promptly meet any financial obligation agreement.

  • Patient Advocacy

    Your health and comfort are important to us and the goal of our entire staff is to meet your needs and expectations. We will strive to make your stay as comfortable and pleasant as possible while following the medical care plan designed for you by your physician. Our goal is to exceed your expectations with friendly and responsive service.

    Questions often arise when you or someone close to you is in the hospital. We are here to help both patients and families in whatever way we can. Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South has a patient advocate department. Should you feel the need, you can talk to us about any part of your visit. We'll do our best to resolve any difficulties that might arise while you are here or even pass along any suggestions or compliments you might have.

    To speak to the patient advocate please call the hospital at 817-551-2495. If you are unable to reach the patient advocate at this number or if it is after hours you may call the main hospital number at 817-293-9110 and ask to speak to a Nursing Director or Nursing Supervisor. You can contact the patient advocate directly via e-mail at

    Again, we want your stay to be a positive experience and will make every effort to give you the best care available and resolve issues you may have.

  • Patient Privacy Notice

    Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South is a joint venture involving Texas Health Resources and AdventHealth. Texas Health holds a majority ownership share and AdventHealth manages operation of the hospital. Texas Health and AdventHealth share governance of the facility.

    The privacy of your patient information is very important to Texas Health Huguley Hospital Fort Worth South. Following the link will open a new browser window and display a separate, standalone website for AdventHealth. Please read our Patient Privacy Notice.

    The law permits AdventHealth to bring together or affiliate its health care providers and health plan(s) into one single affiliated entity for purposes of sharing patient information to treat you, obtain payment from you or perform health care operations, such as quality improvement. We have attached a list of the AdventHealth entities that are part of the AdventHealth affiliated entity referred to in the Patient Privacy Notice, please click on this AdventHealth affiliated entity link to view this list.

    If you do not see your health care provider’s name on the affiliated entity list, it may be because each AdventHealth entity does business under a variety of other names for business purposes. However, all of these names are still legally part of that one AdventHealth entity. Click here to view the list of names used by each corporation for their business purposes.

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