Integrative Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory (ICP)

The mission of the Integrative Cardiovascular Physiology Laboratory (ICP) is to conduct novel integrative (molecular to systems level) research focused on the function of the cardiovascular system in health and chronic disease. Our research aims to:

  • Investigate novel mechanisms that regulate cardiovascular function in healthy adults
  • Identify how these mechanisms contribute to cardiovascular function during stress (environmental extremes, physiological stress) and chronic disease (obesity, hypertension, heart failure)
  • Determine the efficacy of interventions for improving cardiovascular function and functional capacity in the setting of chronic disease
  • Other research interests include the regulation of oxygen transport and utilization in environmental extremes (high altitude, simulated space flight) and clinical conditions (heart failure).

Current Projects

  • Sympathetic neural patterns and transduction in obesity-associated hypertension
  • Vascular effects of Neuropeptide Y in health and hypertension

Current Research Opportunities

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