Let your medical records speak for you even when you can't.
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Better Choices

Good decisions always hinge on high-quality information.

Information Drives Incisive Decisions
The electronic health record provides accurate, timely information, so that physicians can make more informed choices in their treatment decisions. Ferdinand Velasco, M.D., is the chief medical information officer at Texas Health Resources.

Whether it's getting a good deal on a new car, buying a house, or picking a vacation getaway, we make better choices with good information.

Too often, however, doctors have to make choices — decisions — based on incomplete or inaccessible medical records.

Fortunately, Texas Health Resources is improving patient safety with the introduction of Electronic Health Records (EHR).

An EHR is a secure, computerized record; a database for all of your medical information, tests, surgical results, medications, lab results — everything.

Even allergies and current and past prescriptions can be  recorded.

And they are accessible from any Internet connection.

So now, doctors can make choices with more information.


Electronic Health Records: One more reason
Texas Health Resources is leading the way.