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Better L.I.F.E.

Many senior citizens embrace an active lifestyle of community involvement, physical fitness, social activities and quality family time. Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle is committed to supporting seniors and helping them live the most active life possible.

The Better L.I.F.E. (Better Living through Improved Fitness and Education) program focuses on improving the health of seniors through participation in educational and select physical activities. Members of this free program can enjoy:

  • Exercise classes
  • Monthly health screenings
  • Educational opportunities
  • Hospital VIP services
  • Social opportunities

Once you join Better L.I.F.E., we'll evaluate your health status through measures such as blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heart rate, and self-perception ratings of your physical and mental well-being.

Sign up for Better L.I.F.E. today and start getting the support you need for a healthy and active life. For more information or to become a member, call 1-877-THR-WELL (1-877-847-9355).

Program Goals and Methods

The Good NEWS for a Better L.I.F.E. program was created in 2006. A product of two programs serving the "well" and the "frail," Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Azle and Good NEWS work together to promote healthy lifestyles and injury prevention while creating vital lifelines into seniors' homes and enabling them to thrive, rather than endure the hardships of isolation.

What are the unique elements of thisf program that set it apart or contribute most to its success?

Good News for a Better L.I.F.E. offers a comprehensive program to individuals over the age of 65 regardless of health status that reaches beyond the walls of the hospital or the average senior center. Many programs for seniors are designed to sustain current health status or provide maintenance for disease processes. 

The primary focus of Good NEWS for a Better L.I.F.E. is to actually improve their health status through better education, fitness classes and a stronger social support.  In addition, we strive to increase access to local health care facilities and serve as a coordinator of care for participants. All of these factors combine to form a distinctive plan to tackle the unmet needs of the senior citizens in the Azle area.

Program Description

Unfortunately, the health and abilities of people over 65 vary widely from homebound to physically capable. The challenge for the program is to provide services for all seniors instead of one specific group. It is important to keep a realistic goal in mind after the individuals are assessed. Sometimes, it is not possible to improve a person's health status. If a senior is blind, their eyesight cannot be regained by joining the program. In these cases, the goal is to improve the standard of living. Good NEWS tracks the many different ways the program can improve a person's quality of life.

Good NEWS also provides assistance with many daily living activities. In the last three years, approximately 50 homes have been repaired through a community-wide effort. Maintenance has been performed on an additional 35 houses, providing items like wheelchair ramps, air conditioners, pest control, and plumbing. During the same timeframe, weekly or bi-weekly maintenance has been completed on the lawns of approximately 35 homes.

Even as the aging process takes a toll physically and mentally, it cannot take away the pride of this generation.  Their principles are still intact and their will to "do without, before you ask for help" gets stronger with time.  In order to serve this age group, one must understand this principle - they desire to contribute to society, not be a dependant of society. With their need to give back, GOOD NEWS for a BETTER L.I.F.E. as well as the community, continue to be the beneficiary of this hard working and dedicated generation.

An improved quality of life for most seniors is defined by the ability to stay in their own home. Good NEWS provides the services needed to achieve this goal for free. Going to the grocery store or doctor's office is a part of daily living. Good NEWS provides the necessary transportation for these routine occurrences.

In addition to the exercise classes, the Better L.I.F.E. program offers education classes and health screenings. A registered dietitian from the hospital donates one hour a week to offer nutritional updates at the Senior Center.

For more information, please contact Marsha Ingle at 817-444-8668.

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