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Cancer Care

Diagnosis, Prevention and Screening

Early Detection

Early detection of cancer is one of the best ways to increase your chance of survival. That's why Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Dallas is dedicated to the early detection of cancer and provides many prevention and screening tests.

Regular checkups with your physician are also an important part of maintaining your overall health. In many cases cancers are detected as a result of noting changes in your blood work over time, so keeping a regular appointment with your physician is a great method of early detection.


Genetic testing has made great strides in helping identify cancer risk over the past decade. Texas Health Dallas provides a genetic counseling and testing program to help identify risks and create a pro-active plan for preventing and detecting cancer.

Program participants meet with a genetics counselor to review their personal and family history and to discuss any significant risk factors. Counselors teach participants about the role of genes in causing disease, disease risk, inheritance principles, genetic testing and monitoring options. The genetics counselor plays an important role in helping patients think through the potential emotional impact of knowing that you are at greater risk for a disease that may never arise. For more information about genetic counseling services, call 214-345-6625.

Oncology Dietitian

A cancer diagnosis often brings a whole new set of nutritional concerns, such as "what should I eat?," "I don't feel like eating." "what supplements should I take?" or "what do I need to eat to prevent recurrence?" In addition, side effects from cancer treatment may impact nutritional intake causing symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, sore mouth, swallowing difficulties, poor appetite and weight loss. Nutrition plays an important role in cancer treatment.

At Texas Health Dallas, both inpatient and outpatient registered dietitians provide current, evidence-based nutritional information to address individual patient needs and concerns. Our inpatient dietitians are available to provide a thorough nutrition assessment, address symptom management, provide education and appropriate foods to meet each patient's needs. For more information, call 214-345-7413.

Pathology Services

The pathology department at Texas Health Dallas has a full-service, hospital-based, anatomic and clinical laboratory. The department provides the wide variety of testing services necessary for the diagnosis and proper treatment of cancer. The laboratory is fully accredited by state, federal and professional licensing authorities, including College of American Pathologists, CLIA, the Joint Commission, and American Association of Blood Banks.

The clinical laboratory handles more than 1.5 million specimens annually and joins with a number of excellent reference labs across the country to provide a complete menu of clinical testing. The anatomic laboratory includes surgical pathology, cytopathology, fine needle aspiration cytology and frozen sections.

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