A world of physician opportunities await at the hospitals of Texas Health Resources.
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Economic Attributes

Why start or relocate your physician practice in North Texas?  It's all about economics.

Tell friends and family back home that you pay no state or municipal income tax in North Texas!Willie Sutton, a famous U.S. criminal in the 1930s and '40s — and namesake of Sutton's Law in medicine — is said to have once remarked that he robbed banks because, "That's where the money is!"

The same logic might well apply to starting or relocating a medical practice in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area.

It's where the patients are!

The Metroplex is the fourth-largest metro area in the United States, and one that grew in population by more than 19 percent from 2000 to 2007. That trend is continuing and it means more opportunity for physician practices to prosper and grow as well. 

Consider, too, just a few of the many other advantageous, dollars-and-cents reasons to practice medicine in and around the greater Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

  • No state income tax
  • No municipal income tax
  • State-legislated tort reform
  • Attractive housing prices
  • Low cost of living
  • It all adds up to an unbeatable economic equation:

    You + Training and Expertise + Texas Health Resources = Success! 

    No State or Municipal Income Taxes
    The Texas Legislature enacted a tort reform measure in 2003.Why let the government legally raid your pockets in high-tax states and cities? Texas is a business-friendly state, one that welcomes entrepreneurship and enterprise and rewards hard work.

    Find financial independence in the Lone Star State!

    Tort Reform
    Since enacting reforms in 2003, Texas has seen a 57 percent increase in the number of doctors applying for a license while physician insurance rates have declined by an average of 27 percent.  As a result, there are now more doctors in Texas providing care in previously underserved areas.*

    Practice medicine without the anxiety produced in more litigious areas!

    Housing Prices
    Compared with other major metroplitan areas, North Texas enjoys low housing costs.The greater Dallas-Fort Worth area is one of the least-expensive metropolitan housing markets in the United States, according to the Council for Community and Economic Research. The group's ACCRA Cost of Living Index for the third quarter of 2008 shows the cost of a new, 2,400-square-foot home in Dallas-Fort Worth ($212,153) to be far less than a comparable purchase in New York, San Francisco, Washington DC-Arlington, Va., Chicago, Denver, or Phoenix.

    Why pay more?


    * -- "Texans know tort reform works," Southeast Texas Record, Nov. 17, 2009