Let your medical records speak for you even when you can't.
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Medical Advances

Once upon a time, leeches were applied to the body to treat just about anything from "bad blood" to headaches.

Progress of Health Care Technology 
The electronic health record is yet another significant advancement in medical technology, and it's benefitting patients today in the hospitals of Texas Health Resources. Ferdinand Velasco, M.D., is the chief medical information officer at Texas Health Resources.
Can you believe it?

Fortunately, that particular practice ended well over a hundred years ago. Since then, medical technology has progressed by leaps and bounds.

The microscope. Discovery of penicillin. The artificial heart. Robotic surgery. All represent significant breakthroughs in the field of medicine and the fight against disease.

However, there is one area in which technology has sadly lagged — record-keeping.

Stacks of medical folders hardly constitute cutting-edge science. Despite other advances, most medical records have remained locked away where they've always been — on paper.

That is, until now.

Texas Health Resources has recently implemented an Electronic Health Record (EHR) in its family of hospitals. 

An EHR is a secure, computerized record; a database for all of your medical information, tests, surgical results, medications, lab results — everything.

No more archaic file folders or paper to get lost or misplaced.

All of your health records available in one place, which, thanks to technology, can mean virtually any place.


Electronic Health Records: One more reason
Texas Health Resources is leading the way.